Welcome. I'm a writer and artist whose life has not unfolded in a straight line.

A sharp twist right at the start sent me off on a wildly altered course. Riding the Cyclone tells how I grew up in a storm of privileged neglect and grotesque abuse.

But doesn't everyone deserve a happy childhood? So at age 25, determined to repair myself, I headed back to what was then decidedly nontrendy Portland, Oregon for a full-length, life-size do-over. Sequel coming.

In due course I settled into a rewarding career writing about digital technology and its social implications. Now that the music industry's toast, even the NSA knows that network security is an oxymoron, and the combination of 3D printers and wikis is about to turn gun control into a sick joke, it's time for a new edition of Digital Woes. Coming soon.

Like a lot of others, I use pot. Here in Oregon, that's legal if it makes you feel better, but not if it makes you feel good. Am I the only one who finds the distinction between medicinal and recreational uses problematic?

From the attic: for the curious, two technical pieces of lasting significance; for world music fans, the Mongrel Music archives.

Like strawberries and cream, the combination of digital photography and Photoshop is my dream come true. My photomanipulations are now available on imagekind. Enjoy!