I started by making collages with magazines, scissors, and glue; later I discovered photography. But reality's so balky compared to the pictures in my head… so I soon returned to making collages, this time with a computer. The advent of digital photography was just what I needed.

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These days, sometimes I take photos and sometimes I capture pixels.

Here are some photos.

When color monitors and richly functional paint programs came along, I was intrigued. When Photoshop appeared, I got a pile of slides converted to that newfangled PhotoCD format and fell headlong down the rabbit hole. Been there ever since.

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Sometimes it's hard not to drown in a sea of choices; image manipulation is a very deep well. There's so much more to it than filters, special effects, surreal juxtapositions, or size jokes.

Here are some collages.

(To simplify the matter of copyright, I work only with my own images. This leaves me with no shortage of material; in over two decades, I have yet to explore all the potential in any single photo.)